The following section showcases some of our recent web design projects. Each website is fully responsive and incorporates a unique feature or purpose. We invite you to explore these sites by scrolling through this page, or by clicking on the images to go to a particular site.

Saugeen Municipal Airport

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Features: responsive scrolling site; Facebook feed; custom-coded weather module; new logo

Background: As a sister project to the Snowbirds Landing Page, we updated and modernized the airport's website and branding.

Details: A bold new vision for the Airport needs a website to match the ambition. tech360 stepped in to help reshape the Airport's image with a new look and a new logo. The website emphasizes the Airport's involvement in the community as well as the opportunities that are available at the airfield. Bright colours and an open, scrolling design create a site that is simple to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices. The Pilot's Page gives all the important info for aviation enthusiasts including video feeds and a live weather app and that pulls data directly from the terminal's weather station and displays it on the webpage.

Snowbirds Celebrate the Bruce + Canada 150

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Features: Landing Page; menuless design; animated elements; simplicity; masonry-style gallery;

Background: When we heard that the Canadian Forces Snowbirds were coming to town, we knew that we wanted to participate!

Details: tech360 volunteered to sponsor a landing page for the event to help advertise and promote the airshow. This role was expanded to include the design for the associated show collateral including the Airshow logo, printed sponsorship handouts, ticket design for the Preflight Reception, airshow posters, cover design for the show programme, staff and volunteer shirt logos, and a Twitter account.


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Features: parallax backgrounds; mobile-first design; embedded YouTube videos; domain purchase and setup;

Background: Agents for the RE/MAX sales team in Hanvoer and Walkerton needed to update their image to a modern, professional design.

Details: The website was created using a mobile-first design to ensure a smooth transition from smartphone to tablet to desktop views. Parallax backgrounds were paired with tech360's custom FluidScroll programming to give all devices a similar User Experience (UX). YouTube videos and the property gallery round out the design to give site visitors lots to explore – and increased viewer retention.

CM Precision

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Features: parallax; bold colours; photo galleries; custom javascript app; Facebook promotion

Background: CM Precision needed a professional site to match the shop's capabilities, so Chad contacted tech360 to design a custom site to match his skills and expertise.

Details: The CM Precision site included a bold, visual design to showcase the broad range of skills and products provided by CM Precision. We created a custom javascript app to calculate potential revenue from Chad's CMP Multipurpose Screeners and then added tech360's FluidScroll programming to add some flare to the site. Prior to the release of the website, a targetted Facebook Ad Campaign for the Screener was used to deliver ads to almost 220,000 people over the course of 3 months.

Merrill Matthews

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Features: embedded videos; full page hero; portal to Kajabi; mailing list

Background: Merrill's website, www.merrillmatthews.com, is a web portal that is used to showcase her advice, courses and knowledge. The site acts as a bridge to an online Kajabi store that is used to offer courses, content and other products.

Details: The website was designed by our partners at Colourphill Design Inc. with tech360 managing the implementation of the project. Embedded videos and YouTube streaming brings high-quality videos to the pages helping Merrill share her knowledge and market her products. Sales of the courses as well as other marketing materials are managed through a paired Kajabi account which gives Merrill complete control of her products.

Minds Alive Toy Stores

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Features: programming using the RAIN language; theme modifications to LightSpeed shopping modules

Background: The Minds Alive toy stores (www.mindsalive.ca) were switching technologies for their online store. The new LightSpeed themes provided basic content but required fine-tuning and enhancements to meet the needs of the store.

Details: tech360 was brought onboard to make modifications to the base themes supplied by LightSpeed. The changes were cosmetic in nature which left the store functionality unchanged but provided a look and feel that was consistent with their previous store branding. This allowed for a smooth transition for their online customers.

PHTS Logistics Inc.

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Features: custom video hero; downloadable forms; image galleries; contact forms

Background: PHTS Logistics (www.phtslogistics.com) needed an updated, modern website that shared important information with their visitors and promoted their company online.

Details: The website was built around their fleet of tractors, trailers and services. It features a custom intro filmed using drone videography for a unique, eye-catching opening on the website. Information for their customers and background notes about the company is available in various sections throughout the site. A photo gallery rounds out the website with pictures of their fleet and some of the events in which they participate throughout the year.

Petawawa Renewable Power Corp.

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Features: promotional site; image galleries

Background: We worked with Petawawa Renewable Power Corp. (www.petawawacorp.com) on a previous assignment, the Edenvale Solar Project. This time around the deliverable was for the company's own website; it didn't need to be flashy or gimmicky, just elegant and easy to maintain.

Details: Colourphill Design (www.colourphill.com) managed the overall project as well as the design and the branding. As part of the Colourphill team, we worked with Colourphill's Principal, Irina Khvalova, to design and build an elegantly simple website that met all requirements and succinctly delivered the company's message.

MergeCo Resources Inc.

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Features: Wordpress site development; feature animation; off-canvas menu; calls-to-action; contact forms

Background: MergeCo Resources is a catalyst for change, assisting both established businesses and budding entrepeneurs grow their companies. The original site was very dated and in need of a fresh look along with an upgrade to modern technologies.

Details: This website was a joint project with our strategic partners, Klaus Uhlig Comminications (uhlig.ca) and Colourphill Design. We opted to use the Divi Wordpress theme by Elegant Themes as the basis of the website to create an engaging, interactive site. Project development and theme population was completed by tech360 with enhancements added to display alternate banner photos on each website view and to fine-tune the responsive behaviour of the site.

Feigelsohn Kellar

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Features: extensive parallax programming; holographic images on mobile devices; off-canvas menu; responsive microsite for smartphones

Background: Feigelsohn Kellar is a specialist in financial planning, helping ultra-affluent families create robust intergenerational transition plans. When they decided that their marketing materials required an update, they looked for a solution that was as unique as their business.

Details: The project was a collaborative effort shared between five companies: Uhlig.ca (lead design & project management), Colourphill (design), The Gas Company (visuals), Frischborn Creative (copywriting) and tech360 (website development).

The website incorporates extensive parallax programming which is presented tastefully without becoming overbearing; it functions as a backdrop to highlight the content. A custom module coded by tech360 presents "holographic" image headers that respond to mobile device movement to subtly move layered images creating a 3-D effect. The design is rounded out with smooth scrolling, off-canvas menus and a targetted microsite for smartphones to present a highly polished product.

Hanover Kitchen and Bath Gallery

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Features: auto adjusting full-screen pages; off-canvas menu; responsive galleries

Background: Hanover Kitchen and Bath Gallery is a well established business in Hanover, Ontario. Their old website had become dated and was lacking in many of the features required for a modern website. Deborah and Peter Morrison asked tech360 to create a new, vibrant site that better reflected their business.

Details: Frischborn Creative built a new look for the website that refreshed the image while maintaining a connection to past designs. After refining the chosen layout, development of the site was then handed over to tech360 to create the responsive design. Custom javascript was written to build dynamically scalable slides that grow and shrink to fit the full width and height of the window. This created a site that always fills the window and presents each page as a full slide. Responsive galleries, smooth scrolling, and off-canvas menus (for smaller screens) completed the package.

Edenvale Solar Project

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Update: The Edenvale Solar project has recently been transferred to BluEarth Renewables. The website links listed here will take you to the original archived site.

Features: promotional page; parallax intro; deluxe promotional page

Background: Colourphill Design (www.colourphill.com) is a Bay Street (Toronto) design firm which is well known for creative problem-solving, beautiful design, and detailed execution. The Edenvale Solar Project represents the first joint venture between Colourphill Design and tech360 to address a broader market. Each company brings a unique skillset to the table with the goal of providing top-tier solutions to a larger, upscale market segment.

Details: The Edenvale Solar Project started as a promotional page aimed at fufilling the communications needs of this renewable energy initiative. Colourphill and tech360 went beyond the basics to create a colourful, informative site with lots of curb appeal including parallax programming, quarterly newsletters, and a dynamic timeline to keep interested parties up-to-date on the project milestones.

Waughtertite Pavement Sealing and Marking

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Features: promotional page; responsive; cost-effective

Background: Terry Waugh was starting a new business for asphalt marking and sealing. And while the business is new to the area, Terry is not new to the business. With 25 years experience in the industry, Terry was looking to jumpstart his company and get immediate online exposure.

Details: A promo site by tech360 fit the bill perfectly, giving Terry the online presence he needed to begin generating leads quickly. With a domain purchase, business-class email, and a professionally designed site by Frischborn Creative, the business is well-positioned for growth.

Carver House Studio

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Features: content management system (CMS); integrated social media; off-canvas menu; galleries

Background: José Holman, owner of Carver House Studio, is an artist in West-Grey who specializes in watercolour and acrylic paintings, scratch art, jewellery and stained glass. She wanted a contemporary website to showcase and sell her work, one that she could maintain on her own.

Details: After designing a logo that features the Carver House Studio’s namesake, Carver the dog, we developed a clean, contemporary, scrolling site with side pages to view galleries of José’s artwork. A "point–click–edit–publish" CMS interface was integrated into the code to facilitate content updates as new pieces are added and sold items are removed. Finally, a Facebook feed was added to the “Events” section to allow José to post and share updates.

The Car Lady

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Features: layered, slides moving over static backgrounds to create 3D movement; side pages; pop-up testimonials

Background: Christine Mitchell knows cars – it’s her business to help dealerships build customers for life with her informative automotive presentations. Christine’s existing website needed a refresh that would complement the new printed marketing materials she had in hand.

Details: Working from her updated printed collateral, we designed a refreshed site that reflected The Car Lady’s energy, services, knowledge and the quality of her presentations. Slides with pertinent information, testimonials and contact info roll over changing background images to create visual interest. Side pages give more detail about presentations and services offered by The Car Lady.

Marrying Mike

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Features: light parallax; smooth scrolling for a consistent user experience; pop-up testimonials

Background: Mike Taylor (a.k.a. Marrying Mike) is a Wedding Officiant – she performs civil marriage ceremonies and helps couples plan their big day. She wanted to have an online presence that reflected her personality and approach, and promote reciprocal referrals with various suppliers.

Details: The visual design reflects Mike – calm, easy-going, pragmatic and witty. Light parallax coding gives 3D movement to the logo and portrait on the opening hero. We employed smooth scrolling to allow computer and laptop users to have the same effortless user experience as those on a tablet or smartphone. Pop-ups on the testimonials keeps the viewer on the page.

Children's Services Council

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Features: menu-driven; organized, easy-to-find information

Background: The Children’s Services Council (CSC) of Lindsay, Ontario, facilitates the coordination of services for children and youth with complex needs. CSC wanted an inviting, inclusive website that would serve as a first stop for information for their clients and those involved in coordinating care.

Details: CSC’s existing site was a placeholder page, one colour with contact information only. Frischborn Creative was tasked to compile and write content and to design a bright and colourful menu-driven site to silo information in an organized manner. Responsive coding allows contents to fluidly adapt to all screen sizes.

Frischborn Creative

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Features: menu-driven; multiple sliders to display portfolio; off-canvas menu

Background: Ellen Rumsey formed Frischborn Creative to have a presence in local Bruce-Grey. After freelancing for many years and moving back to the area after 25 years away, she wanted a website that would introduce her to the local community and showcase her capabilities as a graphic designer and wordsmith.

Details: With three silos of capabilities, a menu-driven site with sliders is the best solution to showcase the breadth of Ellen’s portfolio. It is a good example of how responsive programming makes a great deal of information legible and accessible on a variety of screen sizes and platforms.

Colourphill Design

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Features: Wordpress theme modification; enhanced responsive program

Background: Colourphill Design already had this beautiful Wordpress website to showcase the graphic design studio’s capabilities and portfolio. But portions of the code needed attention – modification and fine-tuning – so that the site would present the design studio’s content as envisioned.

Details: Although the chosen theme includes both parallax and responsive programming, the coding was enhanced to ensure a consistent and integrated user experience (UX) across a range of devices.

Paul's Handyman Services

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Features: cost-effective responsive promo page for a local small business

Background: Paul Sharland has a handyman business that serves area communities of Durham, Flesherton, Mount Forest, Varney, Markdale and Hanover. Although most of Paul’s work comes through word-of-mouth, he wanted a one-page, cost-effective website to give his business a professional look.

Details: Frischborn Creative designed the website to establish a brand for the handyman service, choosing fonts, colours, a visual and textual language which now extends beyond the website to flyers, handouts and other collateral. The website is an integral part of building a presence in the local market to generate leads.