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Edenvale Solar Project

Solar energy: a better choice.

No wind required.

Clean energy to power every household in the Township of Clearview – and more!


Petawawa Renewable Power Corporation is proposing the development of a solar panel project on the vacant lands behind the Edenvale Aerodrome. The site is under-used and is not prime agricultural land. The proposed solar panel installation is low-profile and will not intrude on the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. And, it will bring long-term economic benefits to the local community.


The Township of Clearview will benefit from the Edenvale Solar Project through:

  • Additional long-term tax revenue
  • Development charges
  • Employment opportunities
  • Boosting of the local economy
  • Community pride and satisfaction

Simply put, this safe and low-profile project is a great opportunity for the site and the Clearview community. It will not detract from Clearview’s breathtaking landscapes, recreation activities or business services.

Solar Panels

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN? The timeline below indicates the stage of development that the Edenvale Solar Project is at. Check back from time to time to see how the project is progressing and to read our newsletters as they become available.

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Petawawa Renewable Power Corporation

About us

Petawawa Renewable Power Corporation is a Simcoe County-based company that develops and owns renewable energy projects. The principals of the company have over 25 years in the renewables sector.

We pride ourselves on partnering with landowners and the local community, as well as working in cooperation with community officials, First Nations and other stakeholder groups to maximize the benefits and success of the Edenvale Solar Project.

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Contact us

Petawawa Renewable Power Corporation

2367 Concession Road 5

Loretto, Ontario

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Email: info@edenvalesolar.com


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