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KNOWLEDGE BASE We keep apprised of current operating systems, viruses, malware and software issues for Macs and PCs, so we're ready to help when you need us. MOBILE SERVICE tech360 will come to your home* to work on your equipment or to pick it up. Or you can arrange a drop off at our office. REMOTE ASSISTANCE Returning clients can save time and money by having us connect remotely to troubleshoot and solve many technology issues. CONFIDENT IN OUR WORK If, during the two weeks after we’ve worked on your device, a problem arises that is related to the work we’ve done, we’ll fix it at no charge. CALM + REASSURING Have a blue/black “screen of death” or another device malfunction? Don’t panic. Our fix rate is good. FREE ADVICE We don’t mind answering questions for small issues because we hope you’ll hire tech360 for the big ones. FRIENDLY + APPROACHABLE We believe in empowering our clients to know as much about their technology as they want. If you want to know how your equipment works or how we fixed it, just ask – please! WANT TO KNOW MORE? Give us a call at 519·506·3399.

*Note: Mileage charges may apply outside the 50 kilometre radius of Hanover, Ontario.


David Rumsey

David got his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20, in 1981. Although he was only in Grade 8 at the time, he was hooked! Several decades later, his fascination with all things technological hasn’t waned. He has an inquiring mind and not only knows how to fix or explain many of the technologies you may use in your daily life, but understands how they work too!

After graduating from Queen’s University with a BScH in Computing and Information Sciences, David worked in the Ottawa hi-tech sector as an embedded software engineer for 18 years. He began his career at Nortel designing and coding features for the Norstar business phone system, and then worked at a number of telecommunications startups developing next-gen concepts and products.

In 2011, David relocated to Hanover with his wife, Ellen, and their two daughters to be closer to family and to use his skills in a different way. He decided to combine his enjoyment of helping others with his passion for everything “techie”. tech360 has evolved as a customer–focused service that can help you simplify the challenges of modern technology. In addition to professional Web Design services, tech360 also offers Business IT support and Residential computer repairs.